Dear Dr. Campana:

I just wanted to let you know how much you helped to improve the issues I was having with my neck pain. I came to you in early spring - 2007 with terrible neck and tapezius area pain. I could hardly turn my head to the right without tremendous discomfort and cracking noises. Today it feels great! I attribute this relief to the combination approach that you took which included the Triton DTS system in conjunction with the cold laser and spinal manipulation over a period of several months. I am having no neck and/or shoulder pain in many months and I just wanted to thank you.

I have recommended this treatment to others relaying my experience. It definitely helped!

Thanks again


Beau Brinegar, Waretown, NJ

Dear Dr. Campana,

My problem started when I herniated a disk in my lower back in which my sciatica nerve became pinched. A pain spread from my lower back into my left buttock and down my left calf to my toes, which my toes became numb. It became hard to sit, stand, lay down or even walk for a short period of time. You suggested Spinal Decompression. After a few treatments I started to feel and move around a little better. I am now done with my sessions and I feel 95% better. Thanks to these sessions I have no more pain or numbness. I am so glad I did the Spinal Decompression so I can continue working and doing other activities such as being a Fireman and a Rescue Diver. Thank you again Dr. Campana for helping me get my life back to normal.


Robert Pinto, Barnegat, NJ

Dear Dr. Campana,

Sometime in mid February, I had an incident in which I herniated a disc in my lower back which caused the sciatic nerve on my left side to become pinched. This caused severe pain to the point of which I found it very troubling to move around. After a few spinal manipulation sessions I had limited improvement. You then suggested Spinal Decompression Treatment which has worked substantially well as of this date. I feel almost 90% better than when I first started this program. If this program had not been available I would more than likely have had to have surgery on my lower back. I would highly recommend anyone with lower back problems to give Spinal Decompression a chance. I found that it worked well and it helped me avoid surgery.

Thank you again,

Paul Van Dyk, Forked River, NJ

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